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Blog postedPosted on August 6, 2015 by Donna Pickerill

As an artist, connection and story telling within my work is key when it comes to showing off my pieces and expecting positive feedback. It's important to have that simplistic and aesthetic aspect in your work, be it graphic design, painting, drawing or even writing.

I've learned many things growing up, watching my dad establish his business. Firstly, his enthusiasm when it comes to his work. Man, he never fails to get a laugh while making some pretty awful jokes just to connect more with his clients to create a better atmosphere; exposing his personal side in order to create a better understanding towards clients likes and dislikes, it's something that I've enjoyed watching, and have picked up on.

I sometimes struggle with my art & design, and sometimes run out of ideas fairly quickly. Apparently it's known as a Creative / Artist block, and it's something that happens frequently among those with creative minds. Talking to my dad about this issue has helped me, he often tells me that it's a deathly obstacle that graphic designers run into on the daily. He usually insists that I put down all electronics (typical dad thing to say- right?) and get out of the office. This usually helps me connect with nature, myself and calm down those raging gears in my brain and begin to see the final product that I've desperately wanted to finish.

Connection with clients is important, but also important is to maintain that special connection within yourself and to stay true to your style and abilities. Take it from me when I say that people pick up on positivity; they feed off your emotions.

My connection with my dad has become stronger after learning how to creatively connect with people. It's cool having someone to bounce ideas off of and knowing that their criticism is constructive but knowing that it will effectively help you in the long run.

All in all, knowing how to share great ideas with people and generate positivity is important, but…knowing how to get a laugh from telling bad jokes is priceless.

Asha Macdoanld


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